If you are looking for an Italian psychologist in London, I will explain to you how I would be a valid help for your personal well-being.

If you feel tired, misunderstood, alone or depressed,
your days may seem long and empty;


if on waking you feel you are in an eternal present
that does not bring with it joy or hope;


perhaps it is in moments like these that you feel
to have done what you find wrong choices,

you acted quickly or in fear and now you hear
to find you at a crossroads, a blind alley;


You may have the feeling of not being part of anything and comparing your life constantly with that of others, and perhaps in the most difficult moments you seek consolation in addictions.

Starting a therapy may be the time to give value to your feelings.


Very often our days are spent taking care of others. Or we let work or other interests absorb all our time leaving us with a feeling of tiredness and emptiness.


This is the time to put yourself first, and finally receive the help you need.


Recognizing the need for help is the first step towards a better present. Giving yourself the space to be listened to without judgment, giving yourself the space to understand yourself.


Taking a break of about an hour from the chaotic life of each day can give incredible results.


A welcoming and private space awaits you, to give you a way to open up, explore your emotions, relive important and meaningful moments for you and give you new answers, new alternatives.

Therapy in Italian

The therapy in Italian is important because language and psyche are an indissoluble union.


Having the opportunity to express oneself in one's native language means greater access to the difficulties encountered day after day, but also to use colloquial metaphors that the Italian psychologist is able to grasp.


Starting a therapeutic journey in your language with a therapist who understands the dynamics of migration and the difficulty of finding your way in one of the most famous European cities can provide the space and the understanding you need to access your inner resources.

Your first session with your new Italian psychologist in London will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and start our journey together.


Your first session with your new Italian psychologist in London will give us the opportunity to get to know each other and start our journey together.

I offer help regarding different themes:

I also offer EMDR sessions (Eyes Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming) specific for Post Traumatic Disorder and
traumatic memories of childhood


I get in London Bridge (two minutes from the station) and Old Street (a short distance from the Underground Station)




The sessions are exclusively by reservation via email or by telephone.


The duration of the session is 50 minutes.


I offer sessions in Italian and in English.



From 70£ to 90£ per session.

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